Cadeira Barbeiro


3D Print / 3D Renders



3D Printing

  • Chair
  • Feet rest
  • Back cushion
  • Bottom cushion
  • Arm rest cushions (2x)

Printing Details

  • Printed in PLA
  • Regular speeds (40-60mm/s)
  • Infill 15% (is enough)
  • Chair must be printed with supports
  • Feet rest must be printed with supports and sideways
  • All the cushions should be printed on Vertical position for better detail


  1. Apply glue on the back of the cushions
  2. Gently place the parts on the chair
  3. Let them dry
  4. Apply glue to the tops of the feet rest and assemble it (if possible use something to hold the base of the feet rest since it doesn’t touch the floor)
  5. Enjoy!!!

3D Scenes – Rendering

You can also find this Barber Chair in .IGS (and .STL if you prefer) so you can import it to your favourite 3D rendering program.

We have used it in 3D Studio Max with no problem, as you can check by the image below 🙂