Carteira Pop-Up


PopUp Wallet for 6-5 cards or 5 cards + money



Printing Details

  • Printed in PLA / PETG
  • Regular speeds (40-60mm/s)
  • Infill 5-15% (is enough)
  • Layer Height 0,20mm

Files downloaded will be in .stl format


  1. Glue the spring to the cover
  2. Assemble the lever and push it to the bottom position
  3. Add some glue on the side rails
  4. Slide the cover on the body and let it dry

After a few hours – depends on what type of glue your are using – it is ready to be used!


About the clamp (used to squish everything while the glue is drying) you can find it on MyMiniFactory. This one is printed at 100%, with 40% infil, as sugested by it’s maker.